2022 Family Easter Egg Hunt

SLO Naz Church Christian Family Easter egg hunt in San Luis Obispo
I don’t know about you, but many of the images off the traditional “Easter Egg Hunt” are somewhat off-putting to me, especially as a parent and grandparent.  I distinctly remember one of the searches in which my cousins and I scoured the area surrounding my grandparent’s ranch house for the illusive, colorful hard-boiled eggs carefully concealed by the adults.  It seemed obvious to me that the kids were providing cheap and humorous entertainment for the supposably more mature members of our family.  And there was the instance where one of us found an egg, and upon opening it, discovered it was a remnant of the previous years hunt.  I’m not sure my cousin has eaten eggs since.

Many modern Easter Egg Hunts have opted for plastic filled eggs.  Unfortunately, I often still hold issue with these events because the simplest and cheapest filling for these orbs is candy.  Naturally, every parent (or grandparent) wants their kids stoking up on 2000 empty calories and bouncing off the walls for the next 24 to 48 hours.  Please note the sarcasm in the previous statement.  It may not be feeding the hungry or healing the sick, but one would think the Christian Church could expand their mission to this area.

Enter the Egg-citing, Egg-cellent “Eggstravaganza”  coordinated by SLO Naz Church.  Over the past decade we have organized a sugar-free Easter Egg Hunt for the community.  A true cross-generational event, the teens of SLONaz scatter hundreds throughout one of our local parks.  Rather than candy, these eggs are filled with prizes or tickets to purchase prizes.  The hunt is separated into different ages to allow the littlest kid an equal opportunity as their older cohorts.  At the end of the hunt, the teens of SLONaz once again step forward and lead a series of fun activities all the kids and their families.  Aha!  Adults can provide some of the comic relief for this holiday.  Finally, time is given for all the kids to play with their prizes

Think of it.  It’s organized for you.  You don’t have to fight the sugar high.  The kids have a great time of hunting, playing and socializing.  Oh, did I mention, it’s free?  It’s sounds like a good idea to me.  Check us out at 10:00 a.m., on Saturday April 9 at SLO Naz Church.  Egg-spect great things!
SLO Naz Church Christian Family Easter egg hunt in San Luis Obispo

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