Family Matters a New Sermon Series

Everyone plays a role in the family. Whether you're a father, wife, son, daughter or a member in a church family we all have a role that God has put before us.  This new church series Family Matters walks us through what it means to live a godly life in and around the family atmosphere.  How do I raise a Godly family on the Central Coast?

What many don’t realize is that our ministries in life start with our home right here in SLO.  Sometimes we can work all day and give the left over time and energy to our family, but is that what God is calling us to do?  The fact is that if we put God first within our homes, we will be blessed! That is God’s Promise in Ephesians 5.

Follow along with us at SLO Naz Church and discover the ways that Christ can transform your homes.  You can join us either in person or watch online @10:45am every Sunday morning.  Everyone is welcome so let’s build the kingdom together!
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