Christmas: God Loves First

As we look toward Christmas this year and contemplate the heart of God, first and foremost we understand that our God is a God of Love. His heart was motivated by love on our behalf. John 3:16 clearly expresses why our Heavenly Father sent His Son Jesus into our world…
“For God so loved the world….”

In Luke chapter 1, we see the Angel Gabriel come down to John the Baptist’s father, Zachariah, and give him the message that the Messiah comes to us for this reason - for our salvation through the tender mercy of the Lord.

So, God’s first thought of us is Love, it’s not judgment or
disappointment or anger.

My Aunt Carol lost her whole family (husband, daughter, two sons) on Christmas Day in the early 1980’s in a small plane crash on the family ranch. As you can imagine my Aunt Carol couldn’t leave the crash site even after several hours. When family finally came to her and tried to usher her away, she told them that she just couldn’t leave them. Why, because she loved her family and they were all she had. She would have given anything to just be close to them.

How does this tie into God’s love for us in Jesus?

In the Christian Church, Christmas reminds us that our Heavenly Father loved us so much that He just could leave us as we were. So, He sent us His Son.  The Christmas story is the greatest love story ever told!

Here at SLO Naz Church we believe in the power of community and coming together in faith in Jesus Christ.  Join us Sunday mornings at 10:45am for our worship service in-person or online.  

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