Kids Ministries in SLO

Kids count at our Christian church here in San Luis Obispo.  Jesus said in Matthew 18:14
“. . .it is not the will of your Father who is in heaven that one of these little ones perish.” With that in mind we at SLO Naz have put great thought and effort into the needs of kids and their families in this day and age.  There is no one program or activities that will reach every child and nurture their spiritual and emotional growth and well-being.  Therefore, our strategy is to provide a variety of opportunities which can touch kids’ lives.

As with most Christian Churches, an interesting and exciting program for children is provided on Sunday mornings.  Bible classes for kids are held while adults have their own areas of Christian Education.  Then, after a time of corporate worship, kids have their own message and worship activities in Children’s Church.

Beyond Sundays, SLO Naz looks to reach out and supply opportunities in other areas.  On Friday nights there are activities for kids ages 4 - 14 from 6:00 - 8:00.  Parents’ Night Out gives kids a time of games, stories, crafts and music, while parents can have time to themselves at the end of the week.  Children can relax, recreate and discuss Christian truths without worrying about school work being due the next day.

Throughout the year special activities are planned kids to address their spiritual and emotional needs.  Choir Camp is an example.   During a week in July, kids ages 4 - 14 plan, produce and perform a full musical production in just 7 days.  Not only do they learn Christian values and truths, but they also experience leading of worship, gaining confidence before people, interaction and cooperation with their peers and the accomplishment of a tangible group goal.  

Another tool we use to stimulate the spiritual and emotional growth of our kids is Outsiders’ Camp at Granite Ridge in Creston.  This camp for grades 3 - 6 is an 24 /7 adventure that is still just a relative short drive from San Luis Obispo.  Kids from Christian Churches all over SLO County come for 5 days of fun, faith and fellowship.

Whether it is Bible studies, musical productions, Easter activities, Halloween alternatives, pizza/movie nights or any of a variety of activities, our goal is to foster the spiritual and emotional growth and well-being of every child that walks onto the SLO Naz campus.
SLO Naz Church Christian Kids Ministry in San Luis Obispo

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