God calls us to Dream Bigger!

Have you ever wondered what God's calling is for your life or how that plays into your dreams for life?  It's all about us pursuing the dream that God has placed in each of our hearts. What is it that you long for, what you feel like is the purpose for your life? This is a huge part of our Christian walk.  We are going to explore that question through this sermon series based on Mark Batterson’s book entitled “Chase the Lion”.  
We will take a look at the 30 valiant men of David (2 Samuel 23) and see what it took for them to rise above mediocracy. It’s not so much that we live lives that are famous, but that we make God famous through our lives, this accomplishes our great purpose in our life to glorify God with
our lives.
The questions we will address are: What is your dream? What do you take a stand for? What’s most important in your life? What change needs to happen in our lives to move forward toward that dream? And finally, what is our end goal?
So, join us at SLO Naz Church as we seek to envision our dream, courageously move towards that which is most important to us ,our dream, and in God’s strength accomplish more than we ever thought possible. It is much like Benaiah who “went down into a pit on a snowy day and killed a lion”.  
Everyone is welcome at our church, and we hope you feel like family here.  So join us in-person in San Luis Obispo or online every Sunday at 10:45am and Dream Bigger!

SLO Naz Church Dream Bigger Sermon Series in San Luis Obispo
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