SLO Family Friendly Trunk or Treat

Many of us have fond memories of Halloween when we were kids.  The parties, the costumes and, dare I say it, the candy.  Trick-or-Treat!  Those were words of joy for my young ears so many years ago.  Then, those same worlds filled me with dread as a parent and public school teacher.  There is no experience like presiding over a class of 32 five and six year olds on the day after Halloween.  Oh, wait.  There was that kidney stone attack.  Well, it’s a close call.

In addition, the celebration of Halloween seems to have grown darker over the years.  Many in the Christian Church has started to shun the holiday because of what is perceived as demonic and evil influences.  There are also concerns about the safety of our children going door-to-door in the strange climate of today’s society.

So, is it still possible to let our kids have an enjoyable experience on the 31st of October and still feel confident in the influence and safety it will have on them?  I am here to tell you the answer is “yes”!  Welcome to “Trunk-or-Treat”!

What is “Trunk-or-Treat?”  It is the effort of dozens of individuals to present a carnival-like event for the children of the local community, that is both safe and positive.  Dozen of vehicles line up with their trunks open to reveal creative displays and, wait for it, candy!  No ghouls or evil spectres here.  Rather fun games, exciting activities and joyful interaction with other kids.   The parking lot at SLONaz Church is ablaze with light and gleeful music fills the air as kids can roam the area in their costumes, filling their goody bags, only stopping momentarily for a hot dog or some popcorn.  Meanwhile, parents can choose to experience the various vehicles with them, or sit comfortably in a central location, enjoying some free food and drink, knowing their kids are in a safe and controlled environment.

If this sounds like an experience you and your family would enjoy on Halloween, feel free to join the fun at the corner of Johnson and Southwood on the 31st of October from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.  It’s Safe. It’s Fun.  It’s Free.  Who could ask for anything more?
SLO Naz Church Kids Ministry Trunk or Treat in San Luis Obispo

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