Just Five Words

I was asked recently to help in a funeral of a young man who was recently carjacked and killed during that process. What a great tragedy and loss for the family, a terrible waste of a young man’s life.
I was praying about what I should say to this family to express the presence and love of God even during this great time of loss. As I prayed, five words kept coming to my mind “THIS IS NOT THE END”. It sure seems like the end for this family and this young man’s friends, but it’s not.
God’s word is true and it says that we have a God that so loved us that He gave His one and only Son, that whosoever believes in Him may have eternal life. That life stretches beyond our present circumstances. That’s life that continues beyond our mere earthly life; that’s life forever with our Lord and Savior, that’s our HOPE in Christ.
These five words were a good reminder to this family in their loss, and they are a good reminder for me to not just live for today. They encourage me to see my circumstances through the lens of the eyes of Jesus. To fix my eyes on the author and perfector of our faith.
Five words, one for ever finger on my hand, gives us a good handle on dealing with the tragedies of life.
Whatever you’re facing... “THIS IS NOT THE END”.

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