Sunday Easter Service as SLO Naz Church

The past year has been especially hard to find positivity in. This Easter week is a great time to have a reason to celebrate. At SLO Naz Church we are excited to announce our theme for Easter Sunday, Rise Again.  

This Easter, our church will have the opportunity to hear first-hand testimonies of how God has helped and pulled people through struggles this past year. This is a reminder that our God can take us from death to life, darkness to light. Not only has He risen again, but as He comes alive in us, we can Rise Again this Easter.

We encourage you to join us this Easter either online or in-person on Sunday
morning.  Services are welcoming and encouraging as we realize that everyone is on their own point with their walk with God. No one is perfect, so let us walk together this Easter as Christ rises again in us.  

We’re saving you a seat!
SLO Naz Church of the Nazarene Welcome Team in the City of San Luis Obispo
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