Forward: Risk

Sep 5, 2021

Everything in life that is worthwhile takes some pursuit on our part! Nothing is handed to you in life, it takes some initiative on your part and mine to accomplish something great. So it is with our spiritual lives. We enter this saving relationship with the Lord by Grace, a free gift, that’s for sure, completely His doing, His initiative, His merit. But then comes the journey, the great adventure, to be all we can be in the Lord. It takes initiative, it takes work, it takes pursuit. God loves us just the way we are, but He loves us enough to not leave us as we are. There comes a life long process of us being made into the image of Christ Jesus! Amen?! Salvation is a free gift, but holiness and Christ likeness takes a lot of sweat equity! It’s His work in and through us, and it takes our participation for sure! So, pursue it, stick with it, be pliable in the potter’s hands, that’s what a personal relationship with God looks like!