Week 6: Jephthah

May 29, 2022    Doug Pittam

The judge Jephthah. Jephthah is a great example of a man who had the Spirit of God come upon him and he saved his people from the oppression of the Ammonites. However, he's also a man who made a rash vow that cost him the life of his daughter, his only child. What a mix of faith in God, and yet incredible humanness. What we learn from Jephthah is that our goal should not be to have the Spirit of God "come upon us" for a particular task; but rather to have God's Spirit come and "live inside of us", which empowers us to live daily for Him. God doesn't call us to tasks as much as to be a different person with His Spirit in control of our lives. Jesus said it's all about "abiding" or "remaining" in Him (John 15). Let's live for the Lord for the long haul. He is Lord, today, and tomorrow.... come what may!