What's Your Goal?

Apr 10, 2022    Doug Pittam
It's challenging us to clarify what our goal in life is. We are reminded on Palm Sunday that Jesus' goal wasn't to enter Jerusalem to the cheers of people. That was nice and fleeting, but his goal wasn't for the applause of people, but for the applause of his Heavenly Father. His goal was to pay the price for our sins, and to free us from sin and death. His death and resurrection was his goal, so that our broken relationship with our Heavenly Father would be restored. So, in our lives, don't stop at the applause of the crowds, pursue the true calling God has placed on your life. That calling, that dream, will cost you all that you are. Great success takes great sacrifice. Keep going on towards your dream, it's beyond the expectations of the crowd. Live in the power of the risen Lord, don't settle for the cheers of the crowd. God has something better for you! There is the victory of the empty tomb we need to live in. Don't settle!