Welcome people to the Grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We long to be the “door keepers” in the house of the Lord.  Which means we welcome all people into our fellowship to experience the life changing power of Christ.  Being a door keeper means that we may be a person’s first impression of what God’s people are like.  We want to treat others as Christ himself has treated us.  Like Christ, we are committed to treating people with Grace & Truth.
We want people to find the saving grace of Christ that we have found.  What could be more critical in our day and age then to find salvation in Christ and experience peace with God Almighty?  That is why we exist as a church!
Our focus on welcome reminds us that we do not want to be so busy in kingdom work that we are not always looking for people to begin their personal relationship with the Lord.  That’s why we light a salvation candle in our service when someone that week has invited the Lord into their hearts.  It’s of utmost importance, the angels rejoice, and so do we!