The Tomb is still empty

Well, now what….the big Easter weekend is over, and I find myself catching my breath following the emotional Passion Week, the children’s Easter Egg hunt, and Sunday’s big resurrection celebration.  What a week!  I feel both excited and tired at the same time; somehow exhausted yet fulfilled.

As I drink a cup of coffee and reflect on the events of the past week and plan the week ahead, the week after Easter Sunday, I am reminded that the tomb is still …………..EMPTY!  The same rush of life that God presented to us through the resurrection of Jesus is consistently available to us every day, even in the midst of the mundane details of everyday life.

So, my thought is….Lord, help me to come to life in you today, even in the days after Easter.

May his abundant life impact my attitude and behavior as I take out the trash or do the laundry; as I pay the insurance bill, or deal with a time wasting sales phone call.  Lord, help me to plug into your life each morning as I start my day, so that someone may see you instead of me, your life instead of mine.

The tomb is still empty…..may I live filled!

That’s my prayer.

–         Pastor Doug Pittam