The Hammock

For her birthday, my daughter (Courtney) and I took Sondi on a drive up the Central Coast on Highway 1.  That’s one of her favorite things to do, and the drive is always as enjoyable as the destination.  We left San Luis Obispo in the morning and traveled up through Cambria, San Simeon, Ragged Point, and along the coastal highway heading north toward Big Sur.   We stopped at the Salmon Creek trail head and walked to the waterfall near the beginning of the trail.  The water was running big time and the falls were spectacular.  Then, back in the car and on to the next trail head.  We hiked on the ocean bluffs along the Jade Creek trail and went rock jumping along the huge rocks among the breaking surf.  Then, back in the car and further north.

Finally, we stopped at a simple pull out spot along the way where there were a couple trees for Courtney to set up her hammock.  She set it up right along the tree line on the edge of the cliff.  We had our picnic lunch there overlooking the Pacific Ocean taking turns trying out her comfortable hammock precariously placed along the cliffs edge.  She was trying to explain to me how buying a fairly good quality hammock made sense on a college budget.  I was skeptical, but I had to admit that it sure was cool to watch the ocean waves from the comfortable parachute material seat we were relaxing on.  She told me how she often looks for trees at PLNU (her college) to set up her hammock and watch the sun sets.  She explained to me that her hammock time is a social thing, and she thinks she often exceeds the weight limit on the hammock with all her friends on it.

I thought……..I don’t often take the time to enjoy the sun sets.  I don’t often make social time just to chill with my friends, life seems too busy.  Well, as I reflect on this a couple days later, I think, maybe she’s on to something.  Maybe I’m just often too busy.  Too busy doing good things, too busy doing necessary things; that somehow I forgot how to slow down and just enjoy God’s creation.  So…..what I learned:  Take time to enjoy those you love.  Make sure you “waste” time this week simply enjoying God’s blessings to you in nature around you, and in those you love that He’s placed in your life.    Life really is too short to not have joy on your journey.  If we are too busy to enjoy these snapshots of life….we are busier than God ever intended us to be.

So…….. “Be still, and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10a).  Make sure you make some “hammock time” in your life this week; it helps you get your head above the daily grind.  It reminds us of what’s really important in life.  How will you build some “quality time” (hammock time) into your busy schedule?