I was asked recently by a teenager what’s the difference between Faith and Hope. Great question since our Advent theme this year is HOPE, and we’ve been talking about how our hope in Christ is not a pipe dream or a “wish it might come true” hope as in a fairy tale. Rather, our hope in Christ is a confident hope based on the promises of God. It’s our stability in our times of storm, much like our faith.

I told this teenager, “great question” since they are so much alike and so intertwined. I guess my answer is that our Faith in Christ is what saves us, and our Hope in Christ is what sustains us. Our hope in Christ springs out from our faith which is the foundation of all we are as Christians.

Hope is a great reminder of why Christ came. He came to a world without hope. Rather than having hope our world often demonstrates a failed hope. It might be better expressed that Jesus changed our NOPE to HOPE. That’s a big difference!