Encourage: people in a discouraging world.

Have you watched the news lately?  It can be depressing.  Our goal is to bring the ageless gospel of Christ to our contemporary world today.  The gospel of Christ is good news – literally.  And oh what good news we have!  God loves us, everyone.  He has not left us in our sin and separateness from His presence.  He has initiated a relationship with us.  The price of our redemption is paid in full.  What God needs from us is our response, our acceptance of what He has already done.  Praise God you and I don’t have to earn his Grace and forgiveness, it is there for the asking (I John 1:9).  And God offers us His Spirit which will live inside of us and guide us into a life of obedience to Him.  We now have a purpose of living, to please God and bring glory to Him!