Emotionally Charged

Ever been emotionally charged?  We usually equate this negatively like we acted out in a way that was not normal for us because we were “emotionally charged”.

Well, I’m beginning to look at our emotions in a more positive light.  After all, our emotions are God given.  So instead of us blindly following our emotions and doing something we will later regret; what if we were able to learn from them when they give us deeper insight on what’s going on around us?  To live apart from our emotions would keep us from living deeply.   It is not sinful to engage in our emotions (Psalm 4:4 reminds us “in your anger….do not sin”), we just don’t want them to rule over us.  So we are caught in the balance of being ruled over by our emotions and feelings, and separating ourselves so far from them that we live placid, boring lives without the peaks and valleys that emotions can bring.

Several weeks ago I had one of the greatest privileges a dad could ever ask for….walking my daughter down aisle on her wedding day.  It sure was a lot more emotional than being the minister up front simply watching a dad give his daughter away.  (When you don’t have a horse in the race, it doesn’t hit quit so close to home.)

I’ve been thinking; how cold would it have been to walk my daughter down the aisle without any emotions?  That would have been so disconnected, so shallow, of me.  I don’t want to be a person without emotions (like Spock from Star Trek).  So, why do we (men especially) embrace some emotions (like shouts of joy for our sports team) and yet convince ourselves that real men never cry?

I’m reminded of the words of Jonathan’s armor bearer in I Samuel chapter 14 when Jonathan just shared with him about his impulse to charge a group of well-armed Philistine soldiers.  The plan was that David and his armor bearer would charge up the hill and fight this well armed regiment of soldiers with only one sword between them (David was carrying it).  They would be terribly outnumbered and out “gunned” and they wouldn’t even have the element of surprise on their side (Hey, what could go wrong?).  The armor bearer answered Jonathan with these surprising words…. “Do all that you have in mind,” his armor-bearer said. “Go ahead; I am with you heart and soul.” – I Samuel 14:7.

That’s commitment for you, he was ALL IN. I imagine he was “emotionally charged” in that moment.  No doubt his God given emotions jumped to life at a time like this.  His adrenaline kicked in, he had to take control of his fear, and his fight or flight mode was on high alert.  I doubt anyone looked at him and said, he’s here, but he’s really not here.  Or, he’s here, but his mind is elsewhere.  No, he was there mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and ecumenically (Pirates of the Caribbean flash back); he was present in every way!

My big question is….are we ever emotionally charged – in a good way?

–          Dads (and moms) are we really present when we are physically at home with our families?  When our kids occasionally drone on and on of what’s in their little forming hearts and minds……….are we really present?

–         Are we ever moved to the point of emotion in our worship of the Lord?

–         Do we allow ourselves to slow down enough to experience the joy in the little things of life; sunsets, sunrises, rainy days, or rainbows?

–         Does godly disgust move us to do something about the wrongs in our society?  Or have we become numb to the things that break God’s heart?  Has the sin all around us somehow become routine?

So……….let the tears flow; let the emotions roll up.  God can use these deep emotions to move us to action for his glory.

May laughter, joy, sorrow, and even anger (righteous anger – anger about the wrongs in life) be a part of your journey after the Lord.  God lead us to be “deeply yours”.

–         Pastor Doug Pittam