Ever Feel Gloomy?

Ever feel gloomy? We just had a retired pastor friend of ours pass away. We have another friend dying of cancer. I look at the world around us and think, “Wow, how far have we drifted from the Lord”. Wrongs seem right, and right seems wrong in our world today. It can seem overwhelming at […]

Emotionally Charged

Ever been emotionally charged?  We usually equate this negatively like we acted out in a way that was not normal for us because we were “emotionally charged”. Well, I’m beginning to look at our emotions in a more positive light.  After all, our emotions are God given.  So instead of us blindly following our emotions […]

What’s up with all the silent letters?

What’s up with all the silent letters?  What purpose do they play?  Wouldn’t we be better off without them, with all the confusion they cause?  I mean, don’t they mess up anyone else besides me? Tsunami Gnome Write Knee Lamb Wrist Plumber Aisle Psychology To name just a few (you get the idea). They “wreak” […]

Poco a poco

I learned a lot of good life lessons from my parents.  Probably one of the greatest lessons they taught me is caught in their often stated phrase:  “Poco a poco una se va lejos”.  Growing up with bilingual parents sometimes the teachings came in their second language (second language not so much for monolingual me). […]

You Can’t get Blood out of a Turnip

“You can’t get blood out of a turnip”.  Ever hear that saying?  Unfortunately, we usually hear this from someone who owes us money. That statement in essence is expressing a profound universal truth – “You cannot give what you do not have”.  It is true that you can give away only what you have first […]

The Hammock

For her birthday, my daughter (Courtney) and I took Sondi on a drive up the Central Coast on Highway 1.  That’s one of her favorite things to do, and the drive is always as enjoyable as the destination.  We left San Luis Obispo in the morning and traveled up through Cambria, San Simeon, Ragged Point, […]

Laughter is good medicine

I’m not sure if you are like me, but when I get too busy and stressed, the first thing I loose in my JOY.  So, if you are stressed and busy, this post is for you. Proverbs  17:22 says, “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Here’s something […]

Nathan’s Chair

Today I’d like to share a recent article written by Rick Bravo about an incredible experience that we had on our recent Work & Witness Trip to Cuba.  On Sunday night May 1st we will be sharing all the details of our wonderful trip, but I couldn’t express what happened in regards to Nathan’s chair […]

The Tomb is still empty

Well, now what….the big Easter weekend is over, and I find myself catching my breath following the emotional Passion Week, the children’s Easter Egg hunt, and Sunday’s big resurrection celebration.  What a week!  I feel both excited and tired at the same time; somehow exhausted yet fulfilled. As I drink a cup of coffee and […]

The Gift of Today

Yesterday was “Leap Day”; we gained a day this year to keep our calendars on track with the seasonal patterns of our world.   Pretty sweet deal when you think about it, every four years we gain a day in our calendar, a gift given to every one of us. An extra day to work and […]